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Preventing Burglary
A Good Practice Guide for Retailers


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Preventing Customer Thefts
A Good Practice Guide for Retailers


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Preventing Robbery
A Good Practice Guide for Retailers


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Preventing Violence Against Staff
A Good Practice Guide for Retailers


Working Together

Bournemouth Businesses Reducing Crime (BRRC Ltd) is a members partnership between businesses, the police, town centre management and the local authority. Our aim is to reduce crime and the fear of crime to help make Bournemouth a safer place to live, work, shop and visit for everyone. We all have a role to play to ensure that our businesses are sustainable and successful in the long term, by improving our knowledge and help prevent theft we can add value to our town.

What is BBRC

A partnership. By working together and sharing information, BBRC aims to reduce theft and anti-social behaviour effecting our town centre. All of the members of the scheme have businesses within Bournemouth town centre and have been at one stage or another, or were likely to be, a victim of crime. Crime costs us all, both financially and physically to the detriment of our town and businesses.

Our Objectives

  • Improve communication
  • Reduce crime and fear of crime
  • Make Bournemouth a safer and sustainable town centre

Our aim is to work with the Police and Local Authority reduce the effect of crime in our town centre. We will monitor and target offenders who commit crime in Bournemouth town centre and share information with other local and national schemes.

Together with Dorset Police WE are doing something to help ourselves. By reducing theft we can make our businesses more profitable adding directly to the bottom line.

BBRC has been operating a crime partnership for over nine year, we have achieved the Home Office Safer Shopping Award and AABC Safer Business Award, both nationally recognised awards reflecting the professionalism and high standards achieved by the partnership.

Can BBRC Help my Business?

Yes! Bournemouth Businesses Reducing Crime (BRRC Ltd) is a non profit company. All monies raised by the scheme via membership, donations
and sponsorship is used to create a better understanding of prevention and awareness of retail crime. We can help you carry out an audit of
your businesses premises, arrange for crime prevention surveys to help you reduce the effect of crime on your business.


As part of the membership each member has a Radio linking them with all other members, including the Safer Neighbourhood Policing team, Control and town centre CCTV. As part of membership a separate contract with our radio provider is required.

Membership of the Exclusion Scheme - this will exclude offenders from entering any members premises which are private property. By identifying offenders and excluding them from members premises we can help deter individuals the opportunity to commit further crime. Attending monthly Crime Meetings to discuss current issues and trends, with access to excluded persons photos controlled under the Data Protection Act.

We offer free and comprehensive staff training:

  • Radio Training
  • Data Protection
  • Crime Prevention
  • Crime Reporting
  • Credit and Debit Card Fraud

All incidents reported to the BBRC crime manager are entered on a secure database which will enable the partnership to identify the areas and premises where individuals are causing concern. The Police do not have access to and they do not control our data base. Whatever the size of your business you can join and benefit directly by a working partnership.


There are two membership levels, Level 1 from £600 per annum and Level 2 from £489 per annum, both include the rental of one radio. Click for a copy of the Scheme Documentation and Invitation to Join.